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This site showcases instructional design, technical writing, content creation, and design.  R. N. Homer Christensen, is an award-winning writer and instructional designer, specializing in content that informs, whether that be structured or informal learning, online help or documentation, live or recorded.

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Documentation and training are often thought of as two entirely different creatures. In fact, they're more alike than not. Especially when you need to leverage information and resources and reduce the time a student or user becomes capable of performing.

They're a couple of helpmates, rather than distant cousins; team members rather than competitors.

Our goal is to get them talking, to see where one can help shoulder the load of the other so that they are efficient and lean, capable and competent. We tease out multiple yields, so that from a design and maintenance standpoint, the system is sustainable and productive.

Homer Christensen has written and designed numerous manuals and courses for a variety of clients, including The State of California, Microsoft, Macromedia, Aldus, Active Voice, Asymetrix, and other leading software and hardware firms.

  • Developed course ware for Jack Canfield and Hale Dwoskin. (PEI, Inc.)
  • Developed Microsoft SQL Server Certification course ware.
  • Wrote user manuals and documentation for several software applications and hardware products.
  • Authored online Help systems for several software applications.
  • Authored aftermarket books for Adobe, Microsoft, and Macromedia.

Selected publications authored include:

  • Windows 95: How and Why, Microsoft Publishing.
  • In and Out of the Classroom with Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Publishing.
  • In and Out of the Classroom with Microsoft Works, Microsoft Publishing.
  • Macromedia FreeHand 5.0. Fundamentals, Macromedia Software.
  • Discover Freehand 5.0, Aldus Software.
  • Discover FreeHand 4.0, Aldus Software.
  • Building a Foundation for Tomorrow, Northwest Center for Emerging Technologies.

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