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This site showcases instructional design, technical writing, content creation, and design.  R. N. Homer Christensen, is an award-winning writer and instructional designer, specializing in content that informs, whether that be structured or informal learning, online help or documentation, live or recorded.

R. N. Homer Christensen is an award-winning writer and instructional designer who creates training materials and  user documentation intended to inform and facilitate learning and increase performance and satisfaction.
We begin with observation and analysis, finding the needs and gaps of a company or user base and then designing and developing a system that resolves those needs.
It's both content creation and curation... developing a strategy and then architecting it. 

It's handy to have a map to find the best route to the destination.  It can be both scenic and direct. Let me help you pick one out.

It need not end there, of course.  We can also track the evolution of a system to fine-tune it. Our goal is to develop a resilient, sustainable system that works for you.

Information Architecture

Online Help Systems

User Manuals and Reference Materials

Training Materials

Content Strategy

Job Aids and Performance Support Materials

Books for self-study and skill proficiency

Homer's tools of choice include Madcap Software's Flare (for single-sourcing, online help, and user documentation), Microsoft Office suite, SnagIt, Adobe's Creative Suite, and Apple's iWork suite.